The LEN points ranking system.

The Hy-Tek Meet Manager computer program which is sometimes used to run galas has the capability of producing a ranking list of performances as measured against a set of records. The acronym and Hy-Tek's description of the standard method for producing this ranking is:

LEN - Ligue Europeene de Natation

LEN Points are computed by dividing the World Records as of the last Olympics by the swum time, cubing the result, multiplying it by 1000, and rounding the result to the nearest integer. It is important to note that the LEN World Records are different from the current World Records. In the Records Menu, you can import the LEN World Records by importing the file named LENwld-L.rec for long course. Technically you must use the LEN World records as of the last Olympics to properly calculate the LEN Points, but you can use the LEN formula to generate your own custom points using any record tag in the database.


  1. If you equaled the record you would get (record time / swum time = 1), (1 to the power of 3 = 1), (1 x 1000 rounded to integer = 1000) and end up with 1000 points.
  2. If you broke the record by 1% you would get (record time / swum time = 1.01010101), (1.01010101 to the power of 3 = 1.030610152), (1.030610152 x 1000 rounded to integer = 1031) and end up with 1031 points.
  3. If your time was double the record time you would get (record time / swum time = 0.5), (0.5 to the power of 3 = 0.125), (0.125 x 1000 rounded to integer = 125) and end up with 125 points.

Obviously within Masters Swimming we have to use our own set of records and this would typically be the latest FINA Masters World Records which are normally published in May and November each year. In Meet Manager you could also produce another ranking based on another set of records (e.g. South African Records) by just selecting the record set in the report setup screen.

This all depends on you having all these records captured or imported into the Meet Manager database.

NB Unfortunately for us Masters the later versions of Hy-Tek's Meet Manager no longer have the facility for creating points reports using Masters records.