Gauteng Masters Swimming

GMS Colours

Qualifying Criteria


The Colours referred to in this document are GMS Colours and NOT Gauteng Colours.
GMS sets the qualifying criteria for these GMS Colours in accordance with the SAMS and GMS Constitutions.



Each year, in about the April - July time frame, FINA publishes a list of the Masters top 10 reported performances in the world for the previous calendar year for all FINA Masters recognized age groups and events, both long and short course. When this occurs SAMS extracts the 10th fastest times from this list and publishes these times in a table which is used by SAMS as a basis for the awarding of SAMS Colours for the new 01 May - 30 April season. If any time is slower than the previously tabled time then the previous time is retained. i.e. No slower time replaces a previous faster time and the qualifying times can only get faster or remain the same.

GMS Colours qualifying times are based on the above SAMS Colours qualifying times and are (currently) set at at the SAMS Colours qualifying time plus 7%.



In order to qualify for the award of GMS Colours all 3 of the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. You must have achieved a time that equals or betters the GMS Colours qualifying time for the current season. This time must have been recorded to 1/100th of a second either by Electronic Timing Device (ETD) touchpad or by an electronic stopwatch. (Note that 3 electronic stopwatch times are not required for GMS Colours qualifying. If 2 times are recorded then the average time is used. If 3 times are recorded then the middle time is used.)
  2. At the time that you achieved the qualifying time you must have been:
    1. a South African Citizen or have been granted South African Permanent Residence status (i.e. At the time you must have been in possession of a VALID South African Identity Document that showed your 13 digit RSA ID Number and indicated your status as Citizen or Permanent Resident.) and
    2. a properly registered and paid-up member, for the relevant season (01 May to 30 April), of a South African Masters Swimming Club that is based in the GMS Region and is affiliated to GMS and SAMS and
    3. representing the above Club in the Gala/Meet and
    4. competing in a Masters Gala/Meet, or in a Heat or Event in a Gala/Meet where the Heat or Event has only Masters participants in it.
  3. You must have competed in a minimum of 3 (or be competing in your 3rd) SAMS National Long Course Championships.

If you have fulfilled requirements 1 and 2 but not 3, your qualifying details will be kept on record until you have fulfilled requirement 3, at which time you will be awarded your colours for the season in which you fulfilled requirements 1 and 2.



It is your responsibility to ensure that your GMS Colours qualifying time is submitted correctly.

If you are swimming in a Masters Gala/Meet that is hosted by GMS or a GMS affiliated Club, the task of applying for your GMS record is normally done for you by the gala organizers, but you should check with them to make sure.

If you are swimming in a Masters Gala/Meet that is not hosted by GMS or a GMS affiliated Club, or swimming in a separate Masters Event in a Non-Masters Gala/Meet, you need to do the following: