At the SAMS General Meeting of Presidents on the 31st of May 2014 in accordance with the SAMS Constitution that reads:
it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed upon by the Presidents or their voting delegates to award Honorary Life Membership to:


Congratulations Derek and thanks for your enormous contribution to South African Masters Swimming.






I, John Petersen, seconded by Terry Downes, am proposing that “Honorary Life Membership” of SAMS is awarded to Derek Fyfe for his extensive, long lasting, ongoing, unstinting and exceptional contribution to the betterment of Masters Swimming in South Africa over the years. Whether as a member of the SAMS Executive or not he has never hesitated to assist with any SAMS activity or function.

A few examples of his contribution are:

o   On his own initiative he devised, authored, compiled and maintains the SAMS Integrated Handbook – an exceptional and comprehensive guide to the workings of SAMS.

o   He has made himself a specialist in the use of Hy-Tek’s Team Manager for managing registrations for the Regions, SAMS and SSA and assists others less knowledgeable than him with this complex and stressful process.

o   He has provided exceptional assistance to many SAMS Presidents and other committee members with the handling of their portfolios over the years.

o   He has been heavily involved and taken a front seat in the ongoing stressful and challenging negotiations with the SSA hierarchy with regard to the relationship between SSA, the SSA affiliates and SAMS.

o   He has for many years, been involved and taken a leadership role in the administration of both his Club and Region.