South African Masters Swimming

SAMS Record

Qualifying Criteria


The Records referred to in this document are SAMS Records and NOT South African Records.
SAMS sets the qualifying criteria for these SAMS Records and NOT Swimming South Africa NOR the South African Government Department of Sport and Recreation.



In order to have a time recognized as a SAMS Record both of the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. You (or your relay team) must have achieved a time that equals or betters the current SAMS Record time. The time must have been recorded to 1/100th of a second either by an Electronic Timing Device (ETD) touchpad or by 3 (three) electronic stopwatches in which case the middle time is used.

  2. At the time that you (or your relay team) achieved the current record equalling or breaking time you (or for relays, every member of your relay team) must have been:

    1. a South African Citizen or have been granted South African Permanent Residence status (i.e. At the time you must have been in possession of a VALID South African Identity Document that showed your 13 digit RSA ID Number and indicated your status as Citizen or Permanent Resident.) and

    2. a properly registered and paid-up member, for the relevant season (01 May to 30 April), of a South African Masters Swimming Club that is affiliated to SAMS (NB Relay team members must all be registered with the same Club.) and

    3. representing the above Club in the Gala/Meet and

    4. competing in a Masters Gala/Meet, or in a Heat or Event in a Gala/Meet where the Heat or Event has only Masters participants in it.

NB The above also applies to all South African Masters Swimming Region and Club Record applications.



It is your responsibility to ensure that your SAMS Record application is submitted correctly. 

If you are swimming in a Masters Gala/Meet in South Africa, the task of applying for your SAMS record is normally done for you by the gala organizers, but you should check with them to make sure.

If you are swimming in a Masters Gala/Meet outside of South Africa, or swimming in a separate Masters Event in a Non-Masters Gala/Meet, you need to do the following:

This form must be completed and submitted to the SAMS Records Officer for ratification of the record.